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Increasing awareness for protection of our natural resources creates a demand for primary and secondary containment of chemicals and contaminants to safeguard the environment. Quality Lining Company is committed to the goal of offering quality products and installation services to meet our customers environmental challenges.



Baffle Curtains
Floating Covers
Seaman XR-5 & XR-3 Liners (Potable Water / Hydrocarbon applications)
HDPE / LDPE Geomembrane Liners - Agru America
Pond Liners
Scrim-Reinforced Polypropylene Geomembrane Liners
 F. C. Witt Assoc. Ltd. Chemical Resistant PVC Liners
Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCL)
Specialty Containment
Custom Fabrication
Alvenius Thermoplastic Coated Steel Piping
Poly Pro Piping

Installation of 60-mil HDPE Geomembrane and Geocomposite at a landfill site in the southeastern United States. The workmanship and materials used by QLC are of the highest quality. All work is tested and fully documented to ensure the quality products and services you deserve are what you receive. The welding procedures used are of the latest and best techniques. 

We have the best safety record possible to date. The highly trained personnel make it possible to have your project completed in a safe and timely manner, and delivered in the most cost efficient method available. QLC technicians are Hazmat and OSHA trained.

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