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TP-PIPES For Strength and Durability

Case Studies

Thermo-Plastic Pipes

 An economical and comparable alternative to stainless steel piping.

The Alvenius lightweight steel piping system is thermo-plastic coated inside and outside. This combines the strength of steel and the resistance of thermo-plastic to wide variety of corrosive media.

The pipes are connected using Alvenius well known quick-couplings or flanges making it possible to quickly exchange single pipe-lengths and fittings. This also eliminates the need for expensive welding.

Alvenius piping systems are suitable for working pressures up to 1000 psi/70 bar. See specifications.

The characteristics of thermo-plastic

  • Extremely good adhesion - no risk of scaling or cracking.
  • Elongation at break 800%.
  • Good resistance to chemicals, especially acids and alkalies.
  • Excellent weather resistant properties.
  • Good corrosion protecting characteristics.
  • Dielectric resistance.
  • Safe working temperature continuous in air +150F/65C.
  • Difficult to ignite building material.

Method of coating

The untreated steel surfaces are sand blasted to coatable finish. The pipes are heated to the temperature for coating. The pipes are coated using fluidised bed or electrostatic coating methods. The thickness of film applied is 20-30 mil/500-700 microns.

Range of applications

Alvenius thermo-plastic coated pipe systems are found in various types of industry, where primarily stainless steel has been the traditional material for pipes that are subjected to extreme exposure.

For example:

Mining and mineral processing

Chemical industry

Municipal/waste water industry

Paper and cellulose industries

Food stuffs industry


Foundation tubes

The pipes can be used as process and cooling water pipes, effluent and drainage pipes, high pressure pipes, fire fighting pipes. Special dimensions and designs available on request.



For a range of standard products...

Technical product information (coming soon..)


Case Studies

TP-Pipes - sewage pipeline within the pulp and paper industry

Mining for leachings and process pipelines (coming soon..)

Installation of Alvenius pipe system for a gas transmission line.

 Service life and the wide range were decisive when Stockholm Energi Gas chose Alvenius' thermoplastic coated pipe sytem

Link to Alvenius website and reference list.

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