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Geomembrane Liner and Concrete Protective Liner (CPL)

QLC installs geomembranes and fabricates Polypropylene Tanks, HDPE Tanks, Containment Vessels, Baffle Curtains and specialty containment components to fulfill your primary and secondary containment needs. These products are also utilized in a wide range of applications and offer excellent chemical resistant properties and long term solutions to solve your environmental challenges. Sure Grip Polyethylene (HDPE) Concrete Protective Liner is used to line sumps and trenches. F.C. Witt PVC drop in liners are utilized for chemical containment and plating operations.


Installation of 80-mil HDPE Geomembrane in a ringwall area to provide secondary containment, with leak detection, under a steel tank that is to be erected.

Protection from groundwater contamination is a challenge that effects various manufacturers and industries worldwide. Quality Lining Company, Inc. furnishes and installs geomembranes that provide for secondary containment of various chemicals and pollutants. Secondary containment applications range from geomembrane linings in tank basins to geomembrane linings in process areas to contain spills. We furnish a wide range of geomembranes that are specifically formulated for different classes of chemicals and environmental exposures.

 Concrete Tank Linings  Vertical Cut-off Walls Trenches

Foundations Sumps Metal Tanks

Secondary Containment Landfills Process Ponds

Primary containment applications include process and water treatment ponds, landfill linings, and trench / sump liners for processing of various chemicals and wastewater systems. Quality Lining Company, Inc. offers design assistance and can recommend the best approach and material to accomplish the goals of our customer.

Stainless-Steel Tank Re-hab with Polypropylene Lining

QLC crew removing existing lining material from stainless steel industrial tank.QLC crew completing installation of polypropylene liner in stainless steel industrial tank.


F.C. Witt Exceline PVC drop in liner installed in process tank.


QLC fabricated Agru Sure Grip Sump Liners loaded on flatbed truck for shipping to jobsite.QLC fabricated HDPE Agru Sure Grip Sump Liner.


 Corrosion Resistant Liners for Protection of Concrete Areas

Collection Sump & Trenches

Basins Stored With Aggressive Substructure

Sealing Surface of Sewer Plants

Lining Areas for Petroleum Products

Waste Shafts & Digestion Tower

Lining Pipelines (Reconstruction of deteriorated channel system)


HDPE Geomembrane installed in Humane Society Septic-Field.

Agru Sure Grip panels placed on forms during installation process.



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