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Flexible Membrane Liners (FML)
QLC suppplies and installs various Scrim Reinforced Geomembrane Liners such as Seaman Corp XR5 and XR3, Cooley Engineered Membranes, Raven Corp, and JPS reinforced lining products. These products are utilized in a wide range of applications and offer excellent chemical and environmental resistant properties and long term solutions to environmental containment challenges. QLC will furnish the best product based on your specific application variables.

Scrim-Reinforced Geomembrane

Scrim-reinforced geomembrane is manufactured for a variety of applications. Quality Lining Company, Inc. manufactures and installs a wide variety of scrim-reinforced membranes that have different chemical and environmental resistance and/or physical properties.

Selection of the correct geomembrane is very important and criteria such as chemical exposure, temperature, product life expectancy, and installation factors must be considered when selecting the best geomembrane for the intended application.

Reinforced geomembrane is more pliable as compared to non-reinforced High Density Polyethylene, for example. A flexible geomembrane may be fabricated and folded / palletized for shipping purposes where this is not advisable for a non-reinforced HDPE due to the potential for flex cracking. The installation of a reinforced geomembrane requires that trained technicians with specialized equipment perform the work if any field seams, pipe "boots", or detail seaming is required. In cases where the installation does not feature pipe penetrations, detailed fitting, or field welding it is possible to fabricate a one-piece panel that can be deployed by on-site personnel so that field installation services are not required.

If limited technical seaming is necessary we may supply limited resources to assist the customers personnel in the installation process. It is our intent to provide the client with the best product installed in the proper and most cost-effective manner in order to accomplish the desired result for the end user.



Coolguard HR   Waste & Processing Ponds
PolyPro   Wash Facilities
FML 87   Canals & Lagoons
XR-3   Storage Tanks
XR-5   Baffle Curtains
  Secondary Containment
  Floating Covers

Please note that many of these products could be used for any of the listed applications. Our personnell will help you choose the best flexible membrane to meet the environmental challenges of your particular job.

Installation of 45-mil Scrim-Reinforced Polypropylene Geomembrane for a industrial site in the southeastern United States.Deployment and seaming of 36-mil Coolguard HR Geomembrane at a JP-5 fuel storage site in the southeastern United States.

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