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contaminated soil cover

Chemical Resistant
"Drop In" Liners

Quality Lining Company is a F. C. Witt Associates LTD manufacture's representative and installer of an extensive selection of various lining materials as offered by The F. C. Witt company. F.C. Witt liners are utilized in a wide variety of applications and are used extensively for chemical processing, pickling and rinse tanks, hard chrome plating, and other uses.


Drop-In Liners

Drop-In Liners are most often utilized for galvanizing, plating, and anodizing tanks. The liner is normally constructed with a flange at the upper edge and attached to the tank with stainless steel clips. A drop-in liner may be fashioned with pipe penetration "boots" or configured to encapsulate baffle walls, weirs, or other internal elements. We would be pleased to discuss your processing needs. Call or e-mail us today to discuss your intended application!

QLC installation crew preparing Exceline PVC liner for installation.

 F.C. Witt Exceline PVC drop in liner suspended from crane as it is lowered into process tank.

 F.C. Witt Exceline PVC drop in liner installed in process tank.



 Exceline PVC


UV Resistant
Storage & Process Tanks
Waste Treatment
Floor Liners
Plating Tanks - Cu, Ni, CR, & Precious Metals
Chrome Plating
Pickling & Rinsing

 Dualloy PVC / PU

Ideal for Hydrocarbon Containment

Fuel / Oil Resistant UL 1856 Recognized

Gasoline, JP, Diesel
Methanol & Ethanol
Sodium Hypochlorite

 Brite Line PVC

Great for a wide Range of pH Solutions

Acid / Alkaline / Hydrocarbon Resistant190

Plating Baths W / High Brightener Content
Waste Treatment
Pulp & Paper Applications
Alkaline Solutions & Caustic Cleaners

 Spectra Blue PVC

Best for Mild Solutions

Acid Resistant 145

Rinse Tanks
Floor Linings
Secondary Containment


LFP 2100

Resistant to Most Chemicals and Solvents

LFP Liners Available Exclusively Through Witt

Unparalleled 360 Mechanical Strength 500

Chemically Inert
Extreme Long Life
Electroless Nickel Plating eliminates disposable
liners. Plate Out is easily brushed off and filtered
away. Eliminates Nitric leaching.

High Temperature Chrome Plating
Expansion Joints
Liquor Vats

7-11 PVC

Great for Moderate Solutions

Acid / Alkaline Resistant 160

Storage Tank
Plating Solutions
Secondary Containment

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