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contaminated soil cover

Geotextiles are a cost effective way to insure better drainage & stabilization of subgrades in applications from landfill to highway construction. Geotextiles are engineered for excellent cushioning & protection of containment linings.

There are many applications for the use of geotextiles.  The primary uses are:

(+1) Cushioning - effective and low cost protection to membrane from damage by sharp objects.
(2) Drainage - allows subsurface water to pass to drain system while preventing soil from clogging system.
(3) Separation - applied to soft or saturated subgrade, prevents aggregate and ballast from mixing into subgrade.
(4) Filtration - geotextiles can provide collection and transfer of liquids and gases that build up and accumulate beneath geomembranes.
(5) Reinforcement - geotextiles can help relieve hydrostatic pressure beneath hard armor such as highways.

Installation of 12 oz. Non-woven, needle-punched, polypropylene cushion geotextile in industrial reservoir.Installation of 8 oz. Non-woven, needle-punched, polypropylene protective geotextile on top of HDPE Geomembrane lined ringwall prior to placement of stone fill material.

The two major classifications are woven and non-woven. Woven geotextiles have high tensile strength and low elongation, while non-woven geotextiles have high permeability and high conformability because of their high elongation characteristics.

Geotextiles Technical Specifications

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