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Increasing awareness, and concern for protection of our natural resources, creates a demand for engineered products and specialized services to install specific environment protective systems. Quality Lining Company will offer the product knowledge, and latest production / installation procedure, to meet our customers environmental challenge.

Chemical Resistance Guideline

Cooley Engineered Membranes, Inc. offers a wide variety of geomembranes to fit your liner needs. Because each containment application is unique, this list is offered only as a guide in choosing the correct Cooley Geomembrane to fit your containment needs.

The following list of chemicals have been tested at ambient temperatures under static conditions. The effect of these chemicals on the geomembrane are subject to change based on variables such as, but not limited to: exposure to additional chemicals, temperature, dilution of the chemical, stronger concentrations, time of exposure, etc.

It is always recommended that you contact Cooley Engineered Memebranes prior to choosing your geomembrane and/or that you test a sample of the geomembrane under actual or simulated jobsite conditions.

Acetamide Heroshell Aviation Oil Rosin
Acetic Acid Hexamine S
Acetone Hydraulic Acid Salt Brine
Acetonitrile Hydraulic Fluid Sea Water
Acid Mine Water Hydrochloric Acid 20% Sewage
Alcohol Amyl Hydrocyanic Acid Silver Bromide
Alchohol Ethyl (Ethanol) Hydrofluoric Acid 35% Silver Cyanide
Aluminum Chloride 100% Hydrogen Chloride Gas Dry Skydrol 500 & 700
Aluminum Flouride Hydrogen Cyanide Sodium Acetate
Aluminum Nitrate Hydrogen Gas Sodium Acid Sulfate
Aluminum Sulfate (100%) Hydrogen Peroxide <30% Sodium Benzoate
Ammonia 100% Anhydrous Hydrogen Sulfide Sodium Bicarbonate
Ammonia Aqueous I Sodium Bichromate
Ammonia Carbonate Iodine Sodium Bisulfate
Ammonium Chloride Isopropyl Alcohol Sodium Bisulfite
Ammonium Hydroxide K Sodium Borate
Ammonium Nitrate Ketones - Aliphatic Sodium Bromide
Ammonium Sulfate (100%) L Sodium Carbonate
Ammonium Sulfite LPG (Propane) Sodium Chlorate
Amyl Chloride Lanolin Sodium Chlorite 5%
Aniline Lead Acetate Sodium Chloride
Anitmony Trichloride Lead Nitrate Sodium Chromate
Aresenic Acid Lead Sulfate Sodium Dichromate
B Lime Sulfur (Calcium Sulfide) Sodium Ferricyanide
Barium Carbonate Lime (Calcium Oxide) Sodium Fluoride
Barium Chloride Linseed Oil Sodium Hydroxide 10%
Barium Chloride 30% M Sodium Hypochlorite
Barium Hydroxide Magnesium Bisulfate Sodium Hyposulfite
Barium Sulfide Magnesium Carbonate Sodium Metasilicate
Black Liquor Magnesium Chloride Sodium Nitrate
Brine Magnesium Hydroxide Sodium Perborate
Butyl Alcohol Magnesium Nitrate Sodium Phosphates
Butyric Acid 5% Magnesium Sulfate Sodium Silicate
C Malic Acid Sodium Sulfate
Calcium Carbonate Maleic Acid Sodium Sulfide
Calcium Chloride Manganese Chloride Sodium Sulfite
Calcium Hydroxide 20% Mercuric Chloride Sodium Thiosulfate
Calcium Nitrate Mercuric Cyanide Sodium Tetraborate (Borax)
Calcium Sulfate Mercury Soybean Oil
Calcium Sulfite Methyl Acetone Starch
Calcium Dioxide Methyl Alcohol (Methanol) Sugars
Calcium Monoxide Mineral Oil Sugars and Syrups
Calcium Phosphate Monchloroacetic Acid Sulfinol
Carbonic Acide Motor Oil Sulfonane
Castor Oil N Sulfur
Chloroacetic Acid Nickel Chloride Sulfuric Acid 10-50%
Chlorox Nickel Nitrate Sulfurous Acid
Citric Acid Nitric Acid T
Copper Chloride Nitrogen Tall Oil
Copper Cyanide N-Octane Tallow
Copper Fluoride O Tannic Acid
Copper Nitrate Oxalic Acid Tartaric Acid
Copper Sulfate P Tetraphosphoric Acid
Cyanic Acid Paraffin Wax Triethylene Glycol
Cyclohexanone Phosphoric Acide Triethyl Phosphate
D Photographic Solutions Triphenyl Phosphate
Diethylene Glycol Plating Solutions Triphenyl Phosphite
E Potassium Aluminum Sulfate Tripropylene Glycol
Ethyl Alcohol Potassium Bicarbonate U
Ethyl Sulfate Potassium Bichromate Urea
Ethylene Diamine Potassium Bromide V
Ethylene Oxide Potassium Carbonate Vinegar
F Potassium Chlorate W
Ferric Chloride <1% Potassium Chromate White Paraffin
Fluoboric Acid Potassium Cyanide White Spirit
Fluosilic Acid Potassium Dichromate Wood Pulp
Formaldehyde (Formalin) Potassium Ferricyanide Y
Formic Acid Potassium Ferrocyanide Yeast
Fresh Water Potassium Hydrate Z
Furan Potassium Hydroxide Zinc Carbonate
G Potassium Nitrate Zinc Chloride
Gallic Acid Potassium Oxalate Zinc Cyanide
Gelatin Potassium Silicide Zinc Nitrate
Glucose Potassium Sulfate Zinc Stearate
Glycerine (Glycerol) Potassium Sulfide Zinc Sulfate
Glycol (Ethylene Glycol) Potassium Sulfite
Propyl Alcohol
Propylene Chlorohydrin
Propylene Glycol

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